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Yesterday Andrew reminded me exactly why I do what I do.

Hi John,

Thanks for a great session yesterday. I found it very enlightening.

My group seems to have a good dynamic, and I feel sure that I can learn a lot from the other members. I have watched the extra video you mentioned, and found it great.  I really like the methodology of deciding who we are going to invoice today and then reviewing what didn’t get done.

I have also scheduled 11:00 am to 1:00 pm every Friday for me and the business.

Also, to give you advance notice I want to be in the first group you mentioned where you and your team are all over me, but you will have to drive me there.

Finally on a more personal note. I have dealt with a number of business coaches, but listening to you yesterday I was reminded of one of the scenes in the West Wing TV Series. After an assassination attempt, Josh Lyman the deputy chief of staff has a PTS melt down and receives treatment from a therapist. When he is leaving work that evening, he finds his boss, Leo McGarry waiting for him. Josh is concerned about his continuing position, so Leo tells him a story 

A man is walking down a dark street and falls into a deep hole. Shortly after that his doctor walks past. He shouts up “hey Doc can you help me?”. The doctor writes him a prescription and tosses it down the hole. A short time later his priest walks by. He shouts out again “Hey Father can you help me?”. The priest scribbles a prayer on a piece of paper and throws it down the hole.  A little time passes and his friend Joe walks past. “Hey Joe can you help me?’ he shouts. His friend Joe jumps into the hole with him. He says to Joe “What are you doing, now we’re both down here!”. Joe replies “I know, but I’ve been down here before, and I know the way out”. 

You are the first business coach I have come across that seems to be prepared to get into the hole with me.

Thank you

Kind regards,  



Les Brown once said, “when you love what you do, you do it so well that people will pay you to do it”

But these day, our pricing has become so affordable I’m proud to say that we rarely turn someone away if they want to improve their business.

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So why not register your interest here or book into an upcoming workshop and learn more.  You’ll be issued a CPD certificate for your trouble and will also learn about what Andrew is raving about above.

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