Recognising Elisabeth!

When Elisabeth Schuhle first joined the BP Program, she had some serious goals and objectives. The first of which was to dramatically improve her overall business formula so that she could grow a profitable accounting practice, attract talent into her operation, and yet at the same time continue to improve her own work life balance so she would be more available for her family.

Now Elisabeth is no stranger to adversity, having had to deal with more than her own share of challenges including being a rock for her family through life-threatening illness for her husband. Her determination and positivity are remarkable and we are proud to know her and call her one of our friends in business.

Watch this brief video of less than one minute and join us in celebrating Elisabeth’s journey towards Business Mastery.


AAA_Business_Accountants from Best Practice on Vimeo.


“Discovery: The Rules of Business Mastery" is a three-hour CPD Points Approved Workshop designed and based on Fortune 500 Methodologies.  This Workshop reveals the system and the key ingredients to achieving Growth, Succession & Work-life Balance all at once, and helps you to identify the challenges that prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Participants will clarify:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you really want to be in the future?
  • What is stopping you from getting there?
  • The 8 competencies that you need to master your own practice.
  • How to turn your practice into an investment that works for you so that you eventually don't have to work for it.



CPD Points Certificate for attending

You will learn how to master your business.

You will take away countless case study video links and a DVD of some of these

You will also get an opportunity to learn about the Best Practice Program, the only program in the world that offers Accountants a Triple Double Guarantee.

3-hour workshop giving you real tools to apply to your business so  you can immediately begin the journey to Business Mastery.