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The Best Practice Program for Accountants
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The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Mastery: What 7 figure Entrepreneurs know but aren't telling you

The Digital age has changed the business landscape forever. One hundred million new business start up every year, and just as many fail. This book was written to help current business owners, and future entrepreneurs understand the difficulties of going into business.

In particular how to avoid business failure, by ensuring the foundations of your business are correctly structured.

Welcome to Best Practice

Everyday we assist Accountants, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to move from where they are now to where they really want to be.

We have worked with more than 1000 businesses since 1995, and our experience provides you with ground breaking insights into how to run a business.

Our main findings are that Accountants and Business Owners are frustrated, overwhelmed and overworked with their lot in life - and why is that?

Typically 90% of Businesses do a pretty good job of taking care of their clients needs on a basic level. A much smaller number (perhaps only 10%) are actually making money.

Sadly, however, perhaps only 1% of businesses deliver growth, succession, and work life balance, and are mastering what we call "Best Practice".

With this information, and our experience, we can help businesses to achieve these outcomes.



Introducing Our New Worldclass Learning Management System 



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Earlier this week at the groundbreaking event "The Future of Accounting" in NSW Parliament House, some Best Practice Program member firms were recognized by John Peterson, as leading the way in terms of striving to get to the future first.

"Leadership, communication and getting your foundation right so that you can embrace these opportunities rather than suffer anxiety and  become ov read more...

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What our members say about us

  • I just want to thank you for what you are doing for Accountants. I'm just pumped after leaving today's session.

    You have a different approach to others. We have more contact with you; you give us the tools we need. I like the fact that you tell us like it is"

    Tim | (Best Practice Member Since April 2012)

  • I can really see our dreams coming true John. You have really inspired Tim and I.

    Your program has amazing value. We have been in another leading providers program of a similar nature but we are cancelling our attendance and only continuing with yours not just because yours is cheaper/more cost effective but because the tools and value is simply better"

    Jamie | VIC (Best Practice Member Since April 2012)

  • John is one of those colleagues who stood out through his sheer determination and courage to take on new and innovative thinking. He is clever and resourceful and has a very strong commitment to helping others succeed. 

    Over the years I have seen John develop into a highly successful business entrepreneur who demonstrates vision and strategic capability and has the stamina and focus to deliver on his vision. 

    I also believe John has integrity and makes his customers central to his thinking. It is this customer centricity and the depth of planning and preparation that makes John successful in his delivery of programs designed to help his customers have long term and successful plans. 

    I would recommend his programs to anyone who wants to build his/her business and needs the tools and encouragement to do so.

    Jillian Barrie | VIC

  • Hi John, l've also adopted your diary management process commencing this week and l am a big fan of this. This is absolutely amazing not only from an increasing revenue generation view but also from a practice management point of view. Thank you John!

    Angelo | VIC (Best Practice Member Since April 2012)

  • The BP Program, although rigorous and challenging is what we as accountants need to be successful and live up to our 'Trusted Advisor' status by actions not just words.

    That is not to say I will not face many more issues and obstacles in the future, but I will be better prepared when dealing and managing with it in an efficient and stress free way, I will also be able to foresee the problems rather than be blindsided by them.

    Thank you for the 'white space'!

    Phillip | VIC (Best Practice Member Since August 2012)

  • John is a visionary, who understands that a vision has little value unless it executed well.

    John and Best Practice Program (BPP) apply this approach to themselves and to the hundreds of organisations that work with them.

    BPP has a great business model, because what they do gets results for their clients. As this is the ultimate test of value, it explains why their business is growing rapidly.

    Steven | VIC (Best Practice Business Partner)

  • In our ongoing work with John it is not like that of a rushed hyped up whizz bang experience that wears off 5 minutes later. The program is one of a long term, step by step process that is ongoing, building upon the sound business principles learned/reminded from previously.

    I would highly recommend the Best Practice Program to define, refine clarify and help drive the success of any business owners wanting to move forward and rise above the mundane and become business masters.

    Mike | QLD (Best Practice Member)

  • John Peterson is an expert in his field who has over the years, mastered the ability to deliver both deep and detailed adult learning methodologies based on best practice principles to the wider SME community, ultimately benefiting business of all types and sizes. John has spent years crafting his programs and training content to ensure that those who are willing to apply his key business principles, infallible strategies and expert advice are able to achieve maximum business growth, an outstanding team culture and a detailed road map to follow along their way to succeeding their business.

    From small business start-ups to strong medium enterprises, I would highly recommend John Peterson as a person who can assist you in facilitating your very next step in business.

    Kane | VIC (Best Practice Member)

  • I was so impressed that I cannot think of doing any future mergers/ acquisitions unless those parties go through the Best Practice program. The Best Practice program has helped me become more - Humble, Focused and Highly motivated"

    David | NSW (Best Practice Member Since April 2012)

  •  If you are lucky enough to get in to the Best Practise program and have John as your Mentor you are extremely Lucky.

    Fortunately I was born Lucky and John has fast tracked the "rebirth" of e-counting from a State Based Accounting Practice, to now a National Specialist in R&D Tax lodgement service for Accountants with clients in Clean Technology in Australia and the UK.

    We look forward in sharing in the growth of our combined businesses and assisting Best Practice in entering the UK markets with us early next year !!!

    Reece | VIC (Best Practice Member)

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