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Our coaches have over 70 years of combined experience in Change Management, Organisational Consulting and Sales and Marketing.

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I can really see our dreams coming true John. You have really inspired Tim and I. Your program has amazing value. We have been in another leading providers program of a similar nature but we are cancelling our attendance and only continuing with yours not just because yours is cheaper/more cost effective but because the tools and value is simply better"
The BP Program, although rigorous and challenging is what we as accountants need to be successful and live up to our 'Trusted Advisor' status by actions not just words. That is not to say I will not face many more issues and obstacles in the future, but I will be better prepared when dealing and managing with it in an efficient and stress free way, I will also be able to foresee the problems rather than be blindsided by them. Thank you for the 'white space'!
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