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Cash rebates now accessible to Australian farmers

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Gold Coast, July 7, 2017:  At the “Accountants Big Day Out” Annual Conference today hosted by Best Practice on the Gold Coast, two major initiatives have been announced with the first being new cash rebates for farmers and graziers through carbon credits and the second being a new national small business initiative to drive economic growth.  Both of these initiatives are in partnership with public accountants Australia wide.


Accountants to distribute $2.4B of carbon credits to farmers over next 15 years!


Australia’s farming community is about to gain access to funding never before seen in this country.  Thanks to the lobbying of independent experts, big business, and the Best Practice National Network of Accountants, farmers can now easily find out of they can gain access to the $ Billions of dollars being spent by major companies each year on carbon credits.


In this initiative, Accounting firms in the best practice national network will assist farmers everywhere to apply for and receive funds directly.


Australian farmers will not only earn income by accessing the carbon credits, but they will also gain access to the Best Practice “Improve Your Yield” programs being supported by the same national network of Accountants.


Troy Doudle of CBAS (Complete Business and Accounting Services) says he is excited about this initiative.  “My firm has many clients across Port Lincoln to Ceduna and beyond and many of these are agribusiness people.  So for them being able to access some serious capital through the carbon credit initiative will make their farms much more viable than they have been for decades”.


Justin Smith of Meridian Accounting and Business Services in Rockhampton said “Much of our client base are Australia’s battling farming community.  This initiative will give a much needed boost to their ability to justify remaining in the farming industry” Mr. Smith said.


Geoff Miller of Miller Partners in Albury Wodonga said “It’s about time this country started Assisting Australian farmers and help them access this type of funding.  It’s readily available and all farmers have to do is learn how to gain access which we can help them to do.  A long overdue and genuine economic boost for our vital primary producers”.


This news is following on the heels of the recent announcements regarding the new national small business initiative for all Australian business owners. Local business owners can now gain access to high quality, low cost business improvement programs in their own regions thanks to an independent education, coaching and mentoring steering committee funded by Best Practice Group of Companies.  Port Lincoln, Rockhampton and Albury Wodonga are all early stage regional benefactors of this broader initiative for all small businesses in Australia.


New National Small Business Improvement Initiatives for Business Owners


“With 305 regions bidding for only ten spots this year we had to put up a really strong case to get the programs attention in this early stage of their rollout” CBAS Principal Troy Doudle said.  It’s a huge opportunity for small business owners in the Eyre Peninsula" said Mr. Doudle.


“As accountants, we have to go to a capital city each month which is both time and cost prohibitive but thanks to this allocation, small business owners will have access to the best improvement program in Australia right here in Rockhampton.  We know more than 600 Accounting firms have recommended this business education and improvement program to their business clients since 2011, so we’re absolutely thrilled to have been allocated an early stage rollout for the local small business community of our region.  With the Australian small business sector providing 47.5% of all jobs in this country this is the first real national initiative to help small business owners to learn how to grow their businesses through a nationally proven methodology” Mr. Smith said.


“In Albury Wodonga we have even been awarded some scholarships so that startups in the region can gain access to these programs for next to nothing.  It’s finally great to bring some genuinely positive news to the small business community of Albury Wodonga and the region at large where business owners can really learn how to succeed in business” said Mr. Miller.


“We’ve grown and gained a huge amount of knowledge and progress from these programs so if we can now apply this knowledge ourselves then there is no reason why other local small business owners can’t gain the same benefits themselves now” Mr. Doudle said.






Expressions of interest can be made by public accountants, farmers and small business owners by emailing us on: team@bpprogram.com.au