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Port Lincoln Wins National Small Business Program’s Allocation

One of only 10 regions awarded for 2017.

Port Lincoln, June 28, 2017:Port Lincoln wins a National Small Business Program’s Allocation.


Port Lincoln has been awarded one of only ten early stage rollouts of Australia’s Small Business Community Economic Improvement Packages, thanks to the active lobbying of one very persistent local accounting firm.


Port Lincoln business owners will thank Troy Doudle, of Complete Business and Accounting Services (CBAS), for his six months of lobbying to attract the attention of the Best Practice Program’s steering committee and be awarded one of only ten early stage regional rollout incentive packages to be assigned by the programs organisers for 2017.


“With 305 regions bidding for only ten spots this year, we had to put up a really strong case to get the program’s attention in this early stage of their rollout,” CBAS Principal, Troy Doudle, said. It’s a huge opportunity for small business owners in the Eyre Peninsula,” according to Mr. Doudle.


“As accountants, we have to go to Melbourne each month which is both time and cost prohibitive but, thanks to this allocation, small business owners will have access to the best improvement program in Australia, right here in Port Lincoln. We know more than 600 Accounting firms have recommended this business education and improvement program to their business clients since 2011. We’re absolutely thrilled to have been allocated an early stage rollout for the local small business community of our region. With the Australian small business sector providing 47.5% of all jobs in this country, this is the first real national initiative to help small business owners learn how to grow their businesses through a nationally proven methodology,” Mr. Doudle said.


“We have even been awarded some scholarships so that start-ups in the region can gain access to these programs for next to nothing. It’s finally great to bring some genuinely positive news to the small business community of Port Lincoln, and the region at large, where business owners can really learn how to succeed in business,” said Mr. Doudle.


“We’ve grown and gained a huge amount of knowledge and progress from these programs ourselves, so if we can now apply this knowledge, then there’s no reason why other local small business owners can’t gain the same benefits themselves,” Mr. Doudle stated.



Thanks to Complete Business and Accounting Services and the Best Practice Program’s National Small Business Initiative, business owners can attend complementary business improvement workshops in July with all costs covered by the national initiative and hosted locally by CBAS.


“We want every accountant in the region to bring all of their clients to this event.” This program stands to help every small business owner in all industries, because more than 14,000 businesses have gained access to the “business mastery code,” and if more local jobs come out of this initiative through a more robust and successful local small business economy, then the more the merrier,” said Mr. Doudle.


“We’ve managed to book the National Program’s founder as the keynote speaker in July, so don’t miss this one!”




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