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Best Practice Hosts a Range of Business Mastery Sessions for Business Owners

We know that mastering your business is a journey, not to be taken lightly. It’s difficult to fully appreciate ‘what you don’t know’ and what it takes to realise your full potential as a business owner. Imagine if you had the knowledge, skills and experience of a Business Master, how might you do things differently?

Less than 1% of Business Owners truly “Master” their businesses. This workshop reveals the system and the key ingredients to achieve Growth, Succession & Work-life Balance all at once.


Learn what high profile business families teach to their young (Murdochs, Packers, Reindharts, Smorgons, etc.) known as "the business mastery code". This code has been successfully applied by 14,000 small business owners in Australia already making it the most reliable and exciting proven formula for success available anywhere in the world. John Peterson has been teaching this formula for 26 years now to more than 3,500 business owners in five different countries and the results are always the same. Inputs = Outputs.


John will also show you how to improve your work life balance so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

In this two hour jam packed workshop John will give you simple, practical advice with tools and strategies that you can use and begin implementing into your business immediately. He will also be availalbe afterwards for attendees to spend some time with you one on one and address any frustrations you are currently experiencing in your business right now.



Business owners keep telling us they are all working too hard and too long. Our Best Practice workshop (The Rules of Business Mastery) will challenge your belief system on how hard you really need to work to achieve Business Mastery.