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July 2015

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Director of Best Practice Business School, Australian entrepreneur John Peterson is set to release his ground-breaking first book, entitled “The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Mastery: What 7 Figure Entrepreneurs Know But Aren’t Telling You”, this July. John is the Director of Australia’s only National continuing Business Education platform that promises a “Harvard” level of impact on the financial, and overall success of its accountant, entrepreneur, start up and small business owner customers.

For many years the world has recognised the aspirational journey and career benefits that are guaranteed through a degree from Harvard. Now, Australia’s answer to Harvard is snowballing at a dramatic rate and empowering entrepreneurs, start ups and business owners worldwide. Best Practice Business School is setting up its clients on a journey through its global online Learning Management System and classroom style learning, to help them to reach Business Mastery. The formula for this journey can be undertaken by anyone, as outlined in Director John Peterson’s first book, “The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Mastery”.

John has always had a fascination with business success – both his own, and other people’s. Through this fascination he has built up a number of successful companies in Australia, including; Providence BSM (Buy, Sell, Merge), Best Practice Program, Best Practice Marketing, Best Practice Business School. After what started as a humble beginning in the Advertising Industry, he later blossomed in a Fortune 500 consulting company, and then in rapid growth environments in CEO roles in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

Through these experiences, John Peterson has created guiding principles and frameworks to help other people master their business, and applies these in his coaching company the Best Practice Program. The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Mastery provides this information, as well as the cold hard truths about the difficulties facing small to medium sized business owners. It is a road map to help avoid the perils of business ownership, to learn what is needed to become a Business Master – so that you have a business “that works for you, rather than you having to work for it.” John’s perspective comes from personal experience, having experienced dismal failures alongside significant triumphs.

“Even with my Fortune 500 background, I made all the mistakes and had to learn the hard way that there’s much more to success in business than we all might think. This meant studying real Entrepreneurs or Business Masters and documenting precisely what they do that sets them apart from everyone else… Of course, there are self-help books, but I don’t believe there has been an instruction manual such as this book.” John said, of The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Mastery.
The rates of business success and failure worldwide and the facts are alarming. In fact, more than half of all businesses go broke within their first 3 years; three-quarters go broke within their first 5 years and, tragically, only a small percentage of businesses make it past their 10th year. Put simply, most start-ups fail because they “don’t know what they don’t know” about what it takes to be successful in business.

Serial entrepreneur and NY Times bestselling author Kevin Kruse sums it up, “With a Fortune 500 background and more than 3,000 small business clients spanning 25 years, John Peterson believes he has cracked the code to Business Mastery and his book provides Entrepreneurs and existing Business Owners with insights into his formula”.

The book will officially launch on July 9, 2015. To learn more, visit the website: http://www.entrepreneursguidetobusinessmastery.com

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www.bestpracticeprogram.com.au OR www.johnpeterson.com.au

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