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The Best Practice Essential Webinar Series for Accountants is a six part series. 

The webinar series is designed to educate the accounting profession in key areas that are critical for a firms success, in an effective and time efficient manner. 

Only one signup is required per firm, and unlimited team members can attend the sessions.

The series commences on Friday 12th of June at 12:00 pm EST, session 1 is titled: "How to Double your Productivity & Profitability".

The topics that will be covered in the series are: 

Topic 1: How to Double Your Productivity & Profitability

12th June 12:00pm - 1:00pm (Melbourne Time)

Participants will learn:

- How to get more out your day

- How to  double the productivity of your team

- How to run more effective meetings

- How to increase your profits on every job

- How to increase your customer satisfaction all at the same time


Topic 2: How to Recruit Outstanding Talent in a Small Firm

25th June 12:00pm - 1:00pm (Melbourne Time)

Participants will learn:

- The most common recruitment mistake Accountants make and how to avoid it

- What outstanding talent is motivated by and attracted to

- How to stand out from the crowd when advertising for staff

- How to attract talent even if you feel your practice is a boring compliance firm

- How to retain talent ongoing so you don’t lose them as they grow in skill


Topic 3: How to Work On Rather than In Your Business

9th July 12:00pm - 1:00pm (Melbourne Time) 

Participants will learn:

- How to delegate with ease, guilt free and reduce your billable hours

- How to get your team to do the work for you, even if they have not seemed willing to date

- How to get better ongoing results through your team even if they’re not performing well right now

- How to create your own strategy to one day rise above your “cheese wheel"

- How to turn your business into an investment that works for you rather for it


Topic 4: Marketing for Accountants with NO MONEY

23rd July 12:00pm - 1:00pm (Melbourne TIme)

Participants will learn:

- the single biggest mistake Accountants make everyday and what to do about it

- the most important two marketing things every Accountant should and can do easily

- the best and once off marketing strategy for only $1,500 plus GST

- the most effective use of your time so you can grow your practice without pain or cost

- how to increase your average fee per client and have them even happier than ever before


Topic 5: The Growth Maximiser Workshop for Accountants

7th August 12:00pm - 1:00pm (Melbourne Time)

Participants will learn:

- How to stop wasting one hour free when getting to know new customer prospects

- How to increase share of wallet per customer by between 100% - 400%

- How to offer free advice and dramatically grow you practice!

- The most powerful 10 minute conversation that has a 70% conversion rate

- How to become more confident, effective and influential with existing and new customers


Topic 6:  Succession Planning for Accountants

17th August 12:00pm - 1:00pm (Melbourne Time)

Participants will learn:

- How to maximise your capital value and not work too long or hard to get there

- The five Accounting business models and which profile you fall into

- The three most effective business structures to consider

- How to achieve your own succession plan without losing control of your practice

- How to attract the right talent that will want to buy into your firm



Indivdual Sessions $99 per webinar

Complete Series: $415.80


Early bird complete Series $275 - That is a saving of $315  (expired on the 12th June)


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